Get the Laidback Linen look

How to style linen fabric in your home

With a long history in interiors, linen is one of our best-loved fabrics for good reason – its natural texture, versatility and ability to add a soft, earthy texture to any space. Striking the perfect balance between relaxed and refined, linen fabric can be used for bedclothes, cushions, curtains and as an upholstery fabric. Its matte finish and long fiber length mean that it has a sense of timeless quality, and its strength gives it longevity – perfect for key furnishings in your home.


Linen lends itself beautifully to a rustic, French-inspired look, which can be achieved by using muted tones, striped elements and a combination of different weaves. Sweeping linen curtains and soft, ticking stripes give a slight coastal effect, while patterned linens make the perfect fabric choice for a more traditional aesthetic and are perfect for upholstered furniture.


Stubby weaves in bolder shades are a beautiful way to add color if you prefer a modern look, and linen is the perfect choice for a family home as it’s durable and resistant to stains. You can even try linen-effect wallpaper for an easy and subtle way to add color and texture to a room.


Adding linen fabric to your interior design is a decision you won’t regret. Relaxed and organic, it will help you create a space that is both beautiful and comfortable, with just the right amount of softness and texture.